Cauldryn has made the swiss army knife of heated travel mugs

This machine doesn't just heat water -- it can grind coffee beans, charge your phone and zap bugs.

If you thought that the cutting edge of vacuum-insulated coffee mugs was to buy one in a color other than black then, boy, have we got news for you. Cauldryn Coffee is showing off its modular coffee cup that promises to revolutionize the way we carry around beverages. At its heart, is the coffee mug itself, which comes with a heating element in its base and a plug for an external battery.

The whopping battery is capable of keeping a beverage hot for up to 10 hours at a time or charging your smartphone a couple of times. But when you've got a battery of that size, there are plenty of other things that you can do with it, like attach a blender attachment to grind your coffee beans. Or cram on a percolator so you can brew those beans fresh every morning or a little LED temperature sensor to fine-tune your water.

But wait, there's more, because you can also attach non-beverage-related objects to the platform, including a night-light and bug-zapper combo. The company is also developing a version of its heating element that will connect to Google Assistant, warming your fluids when you tell it to do so. It's certainly got a market with the outdoorsy types, as well as coffee nerds who demand precision with their brews.

The Cauldryn Coffee is available for $129.99, with the wider group of accessories coming down the pipe later this year.

Chris Ip contributed to this report.

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