Dell and Nikki Reed harvest gold from old laptops for jewelry

Pieces from the Circular collection start at $88.

Dell's no longer just an electronics company -- it now makes jewelry too (sort of). It has teamed up with actor and activist Nikki Reed on the Circular Collection, which comprises pieces made from gold recovered from Dell computer motherboards. These are 14- and 18-carat gold rings, earrings and cufflinks, mind you, and don't look like they've been remade from waste material at all.

The pieces themselves have a dainty, skinny aesthetic and, true to the collection's name, each accessory features a round motif. The earrings, for instance, showcase round opals, while the Circle ring is studded with little orbs. The cufflinks are circular, too.

Whether you like the design or not, it's still nice to see Dell recycle precious materials that would otherwise likely have gone to waste -- even if it is for a decent profit. Pieces from the Circular collection start at $88, and will be sold via Reed's store Bayou With Love.

Dell is also using recycled gold in new motherboards, through a recently verified closed-loop gold process. These reclaimed components will ship in the company's new Latitude 5285 2-in-1s in March. Dell says it aims to use 100 million pounds of recycled material in its product portfolio by 2020. If you'd like to contribute a laptop to the cause, you can drop it off at any Goodwill that's participating in the Dell Reconnect program.

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