Motiv's fitness tracking ring now knows even more about you

And get ready for Android compatibility.

A year after we first saw it at CES 2017, the Motiv fitness tracking ring is back with a slew of new functions. The device can already measure many of the same metrics as, say, a Fitbit or Apple Watch with the goal of getting you on your feet and active for 150 minutes a week. But, at CES on Monday, the company revealed its plans for the new year -- specifically, more nuanced sleep tracking, social sharing and finally (finally) Android compatibility.

To be clear, the hardware has not changed significantly since last Pepcom, but what the system does with the data it does collect has. The company recently rolled out Sleep Restlessness tracking which, as the name implies, monitors how much you toss and turn in a given night. It can now remember your last recorded heart rate value as well as the time it was measured.

In the first quarter of 2018, the ring will receive a significant feature boost. First off, you'll soon be able to actively start recording data at the start of workouts in order to more accurately track your Active Minutes and better manage your weekly exercise regimen. The company also plans to add Apple Health integration so that the Motiv plays nicely with your existing health monitoring system. And when you're really killing your workouts, the Motiv system will soon be able to broadcast your exercise achievements across social media.

Most excitingly, the Motiv ring should work with Android OS by the end of the first half of the year! What's more, outside of the Apple Health integration, all of the features listed above will be included once the update goes live. July can't come soon enough.

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