Soofa's Sign is a 21st century smart bulletin board

It's the pin board from your local coffee house but with a solar e-ink display .

Smart cities of tomorrow will run on information, with various pieces of connected urban infrastructure all sharing data amongst themselves. But what sharing information amongst the citizenry? That's where the Soofa Sign, a community bulletin board for the 21st century, comes in.

The Sign is designed to serve as a standalone information-sharing platform and boasts a 42-inch solar-powered e-ink display. Community members can post messages and announcements at each Sign using the kiosk's open CMS, which also tap into the municipal transit system to display pertinent information like upcoming bus arrivals as well as social media feeds.

A series of Soofa Signs were recently installed throughout Las Vegas' downtown "Innovation District" as part of a six-month pilot program with the city. They've been placed at the stops for the Downtown Loop free shuttle and relay wait times for passengers.

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