Amazon Prime monthly subscriptions now cost $2 more

If you're a monthly Prime member, your bill is going to increase by $2.

Amazon has offered a monthly Prime subscription for a good long time now, but today it's unfortunately getting a bit more expensive. As of today, the price for a monthly Prime subscription is going up $2, from $10.99 to $12.99. Students with a valid .edu email address will continue to save money, but that option is going up as well, from $5.49 to $6.49. Both changes go into effect today for new customers; existing customers will see the increase on their February bill.

This change makes an annual subscription, which is still priced at $99 (or $49 for students) look like a much better deal. Amazon is likely doing this as a way to push more customers to opt in for an annual deal, which saves customers money and also gives Amazon more guaranteed revenue to count on. If you're currently signed up for a monthly plan, it's probably worth looking at how much you use Prime every month and see if the more expensive price makes sense for your budget. Amazon will be holding its quarterly earnings call on February 1st, and we'll tune in to see if the company has anything to say about this new pricing scheme.