Michael Kors offers Android Wear smartwatches in more colors

MK's Sofie and Grayson are also getting new microapps.

Fossil introduced a plethora of smartwatches across its brands last year, including quite a few options under the Michael Kors Access line. Now, MK is giving you even more choices by releasing new Sofie and Grayson Android Wear 2.0 watch colors as part of its Spring 2018 collection. The MK Access smartwatches both have access to Google Assistant, have customizable faces and can track activity. Both devices will get My Social, the microapp that connects the smartwatch to your Instagram or Facebook account, so you can use photos there as watchfaces. MK will also roll out a new microapp called My Next in January, which you can use to start a countdown on the device to an important event like birthdays or anniversaries.

The Sofie smartwatch designed for women is now available in new rose-gold and two-tone versions different from the original ones that launched last year. It'll also have a gold version that's partly wrapped in white silicone, as well as a brilliant sky blue variant. The new options for Grayson are less exciting, but you might prefer them if you're looking for watches in dark green or in two-tone silver and black. You'll be able to buy these colors very soon: they're scheduled hit stores and go up for sale online sometime today.