Microsoft Mixer will offer more ways to fund game streamers

You can buy games and offer direct tips while you watch.

Microsoft is making it easier to stream on Mixer for a living. The service has outlined plans for multiple ways to reward streamers, starting with Direct Purchases. If a Mixer Partner is playing a game (including DLC), you can buy that content directly from the stream, which gives them "a percentage" of the game price. The option will initially focus on games in Microsoft's online store, but that's not necessarily a bad thing when it means you can buy an Xbox One title knowing a favorite channel will get a cut. The feature is in testing now but should be available "soon."

Mixer is also adding an option to tip directly through Mixer, rather than having to lean on a third-party service. And if you want to subscribe to a channel, you can soon make that commitment from your Xbox One instead of your phone or PC. More details are coming about these features in the weeks and months ahead.

In some ways, Microsoft didn't have much choice but to do this -- Twitch already has game purchases that split revenue with creators, for instance. If it's going to make Mixer a viable source of income, one-time contributions like game purchases and tips have to be widely available and straightforward. This might not be the impetus you need to turn Mixer streaming into a job, but it could provide a welcome boost if you're already a partner and want to capitalize on a hot new game or raise funds for a cause.