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Instagram lets you skip the photos with text-only Stories

Express your thoughts without having to use pictures.

Instagram is a photo- and video-centric social network by its very nature, but that doesn't mean you always want to share images along with your thoughts. And now, you don't have to. The service is releasing a Type Mode for Stories that, as the name implies, lets you write with a creative flair while skipping the pressure to use pictures. Switch to a new Type section and you can jot down whatever you like while choosing little more than a font style and background. You can produce a deep confessional or a clever transition without having to think about composing a shot, although you can add them (or other flourishes) if you'd like.

The new mode is available in version 30 of Instagram for Android and iOS. And in case you're wondering, the new text styles are available for overlays in existing modes -- Type Mode is just the obvious showcase for them.