Snapchat gives influencers a look at how popular they really are

The better to attract ad money, of course.

Noam Galai/Getty Images

To date, Snapchat hasn't shown any more data to its biggest users than its everyday audience -- DJ Khaled and Chrissy Teigen probably know as much about their success as you do. That's about to change. The Snap team will offer a wide range of viewer data to the "tens of thousands" of popular users creating official Stories. That includes not only the views themselves (including how many people watched to the end), but demographics like age group, gender, regions and preferred topics. If creators are hip with the teens or have the beauty market cornered, they'll know.

It won't shock you at all to hear why they're getting these stats: ad money. The more influencers know about who's watching, the easier it will be for them to land sponsorships. While that doesn't directly improve Snap's bottom line, it gives those users a better reason to stick with Snapchat versus jumping ship to Instagram.

And that, in turn, could help Snap grow its audience. It's still struggling to add new users, and it'll certainly have trouble turning things around if Story creators drift away. This might also please brands who've been frustrated with the lack of info. The limited release leaves up-and-coming Snapchat stars out of the loop, but it's a start.