Sony's STEM-focused coding toy is ready for classrooms

Koov, slightly later than expected, will land on your doorstep by the end of March.

The first product from Sony's Global Education division, a candy-colored robot-building toy called Koov, is now ready for all of us to order. The toy, which is Sony's attempt to topple Lego Mindstorms' dominance in the STEM toy market, comprises of blocks that you can put together with motors and sensors. Once you've constructed something, you can then head over to the iOS, Windows or OS X app to program its behavior.

Koov had something of a tortured journey to store shelves, and last summer Sony turned to Indiegogo to test demand for the kits. Unfortunately, the project missed its crowdfunding goal by $1,656, forcing the company to think about how it was going to bring the gear to the US. Half a year later, and the company will now sell direct to consumers via its website, with the first kits being aimed at schools.

The Educator Kit will set you back $519.99 and comes with more than 300 blocks, two DC motors, an accelerometer, light sensor and a pair of photo reflectors. You'll also get all the necessary gears, servos, switches, gears and cables necessary for your rugrat (ages eight or older) to go toe-to-toe to Boston Dynamics. Pre-order today and you can expect the first sets to arrive at your door at the end of March,