Windows 10 is adding an Ultimate Performance mode for pros

It's built for no-compromise work.

When you're creating 3D models or otherwise running intensive tasks, you want to wring every ounce of performance out of your PC as possible. It's a good thing, then, that Microsoft has released a Windows 10 preview build in the Fast ring that includes a new Ultimate Performance mode if you're running Pro for Workstations. As the name implies, this is a step up for people for whom even the High Performance mode isn't enough -- it throws power management out the window to eliminate "micro-latencies" and boost raw speed. You can set it yourself, but PC makers will have the option of shipping systems with the feature turned on.

Ultimate Performance isn't currently available for laptops or tablets, but Microsoft suggests that could change.

There are additions for people using everyday PCs. Like Samsung, Microsoft is moving toward more familiar emoji. It also helps you search for those emoji in more languages, and provides you more control over file system access for Universal Windows Platform apps. As a rule, though, this preview is aimed at pros who want to see how well a workstation can run when there's nothing holding it back.