Amazon will reward Prime members for shopping at Whole Foods

Five percent return on purchases at both Amazon and Whole Foods.

Amazon has announced that its Rewards Visa will now offer users the same level of reward when they shop at Whole Foods as they receive at Amazon itself. Eligible Prime members will now receive a flat five percent bonus on all purchases at Whole Foods, just as they do online. By comparison, shopping beyond Amazon's universe will net you two percent back at restaurants, gas stations and drugstores, and a single percent elsewhere.

The key note here is that if you're a Prime member, then you'll receive the five percent bonus; for lesser mortals, the return is three percent. But as Amazon's vast ecosystem of products and services begins to coalesce, users will have less reason not to sign up to Prime. And the more you succumb to that pull, the more time you'll be spending inside Amazon's benevolent embrace.