Tesla Powerwall systems help some Hawaii schools beat the heat

Solar is big business in the Aloha State.

Tesla shipped Powerwall batteries to Puerto Rico last fall -- and to Australia last December -- and now it's helping Hawaii. Again. Specifically, it supplied equipment to the island state to help schools combat Hawaii's tropical temperature and relative humidity. Roadshow reports that Tesla shipped some 300 batteries and solar panels to the island as a way of keeping schools cool using renewable energy. This was after state government challenged the local department of education to cool an additional 1,000 classrooms without bumping electricity usage.

It wouldn't be the first time Tesla has provided ways to mitigate Hawaii's energy problem, either. Tesla already has a network of solar panels and batteries that keep Kauai lit up at night, for instance. Hawaii's solar grid contained approximately 55,000 cells spread over 45 acres as of last March.

In late January, Governor Ige announced that the original 1,000-classroom goal had been surpassed and that over 1,200 rooms had sustainably powered air conditioning. Last September, Pacific Solar installed 955 solar panels and eight power inverters at Oahu's Kamaile Academy, a public charter school. So while Tesla certainly has the most name recognition, local companies are doing their part as well.