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Parrot app automatically edits your drone videos

Spend more time flying and less time editing.

Drone videos can be spectacular, but editing them? Not so much -- don't be surprised if you spend hours cutting 10 minutes of footage into something worth watching. Parrot thinks there's a better way. It's adding a Flight Director feature to its FreeFlight Pro mobile app (for Android and iOS) that automatically edits your drone footage. Algorithms study the drone's behavior and produce videos up to 3 minutes in length based on a handful of criteria, including the style (chronological, cinematic or trailer), pre-made themes and other existing footage. The biggest dilemma may be choosing your soundtrack.

Be prepared to pay up to get the full experience. You can create 15-second "best of" clips for free, but you'll need to spring for the premium version of the feature in-app if you want to unlock its full potential. And of course, you'll need a Parrot drone (a Bebop 1, 2 or Power) for this to work -- you can get similar apps from the likes of GoPro, but it won't be the exact same experience. If you have the hardware and regularly record aerial videos, though, this could let you spend more time flying and less time trimming clips.