Nike teams up with Headspace for 'mindful' guided runs

They can help you tune out distracting thoughts and achieve a sense of calmness.

Nike has joined forces with meditation app Headspace to provide you with a different kind of audio-guided runs: one that works your body and calms your mind. Starting today, you'll find the first three Headspace audio-guided "mindful" runs on Nike's Run Club (NRC) app. Like the other guides on NRC, they feature coaches and athletes speaking into your ear and giving you running instructions. But according to Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe, they also blend "technical and motivational components," making them sort of like a more "active and upbeat [type of] meditation."

Nike says the Headspace guides will help you feel in control and will stop your thoughts from drifting to your to-do lists or your unanswered work emails. The hope is for you to reach your running goals and be at peace after every run without those distractions clouding your mind. "When we are running mindfully," according to Puddicombe, "we are actively creating the conditions for that sense of flow, meaning everything is enhanced, from technique and motivation to focus and recovery."

If you're more of a gym person than a runner, you'll benefit more from Headspace's workout tips on Nike's Training Club (NTC) app. Like the audio-guided runs, they can also help you tune out distracting thoughts, so you can focus on your workout and improve your performance. You'll find new Headspace workout stories and tips on your NTC feed and Collection workouts every Monday.