Hyundai’s Le Fil Rouge concept is the future of the automaker’s design

This is the blueprint for the next generation of vehicles.

Not to be left behind in the concept car parade of the Geneva Motor Show, Hyundai unveiled its Le Fil Rouge EV concept. It's bigger than you would expect from the Korean automaker, but also prettier.

While the automaker didn't share anything about the performance of the car other than it's an EV, the design of the vehicle is a good indicator of the future of Hyundai's line up. The car is "the cornerstone of Hyundai design," according to Hyundai VP of design SangYup Lee.

The interior is equally impressive with a wood-heavy wrap-around dash for the driver and passenger and a 21.5-inch panoramic display. Of course, a long dash goes great with a long car.

It's unlikely this car will ever come to market, but if this is an indicator of what to expect from the Hyundai lineup in the future.

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