Google's productivity suite now shows who viewed your files

Find out if your coworkers actually read what you wrote.

If you've ever worked on shared documents, you know the potential for confusion: a coworker may harangue you over an old file without realizing that you made changes hours ago. That shouldn't be a problem with Google's G Suite in the future. Google is introducing an Activity dashboard for Docs, Sheets and Slides that lets anyone with edit access see who has seen a file and when. You'll know if your manager actually read that updated spreadsheet before giving you grief.

G Suite administrations have control over the Activity feature as of March 7th and can decide who's allowed to see it and where (only within your domain, for instance). End users won't start seeing it until March 21st. This won't do much for collaboration outside of G Suite, but it could be particularly helpful if you're tired of miscommunication at the office.