Netflix is bringing video previews to its mobile apps

The feature has a Snapchat-esque feel to it.

A year after introducing video previews on its TV experience, Netflix is now planning to bring the feature to its mobile apps. The company announced today this will be rolling out in April, noting that it was developed to help make it easier and faster for users to find content on their smartphone. As you might expect, the execution here looks different: These mobile video previews are vertical, which makes them feel similar to Snapchat or Instagram stories. Once they launch, you'll see a new section dubbed "Previews" when you open the Netflix app, and you'll be able to browse them by swiping left on each one.

If you decide you like one of the previews, all you have to do next is hit play and the app will automatically switch to landscape mode so you can start watching. Since not everyone is a fan of Netflix's TV trailers, it'll be interesting to see how people respond to these when they launch in a couple of months.