Facebook inks deal with Warner Music for tunes in shared videos

It's the last of the big three music labels to strike an agreement with the social network.

Updated ·1 min read

Using background music that you don't own or license the rights to in a video is enough to get it pulled from Facebook. That's why the social network has been pursuing licensing deals with music labels. Now, Variety reports that Facebook has signed a deal with Warner Music Group that allows users to create, share and upload videos to Facebook containing the label's music. This wraps up the "Big Three" music labels, as the social network signed deals with Universal and Sony in December and January, respectively.

We're not sure what the terms of the deal were, but you can bet that all three licensing deals were probably very similar. Ole Obermann, the Chief Digital Officer of Warner Music Group said to *Variety*, "Fan-created video is one of the most personal, social and often viral ways that music is enjoyed, but its commercial potential is largely untapped." It's really a win-win for both Facebook and these music labels, as it presents a new revenue stream and opens up possibilities on both fronts.