Xbox One will automatically use your TV's game mode

It also plays nicely with AMD Freesync.

Many TVs have a game mode that disables image processing to reduce lag, but it can be a pain if you regularly do things besides gaming. Do really want to switch the mode off every time you want to watch Netflix? You might not have to before long. Microsoft has unveiled a bevy of upcoming Xbox One updates that include support for Auto Low Latency Mode. If you have a compatible TV (some Samsung models will qualify), it'll recognize your Xbox and invoke its low-lag mode only when you're actually playing -- all your TV's processing will come back the moment you curl up with a movie. The improvement arrives later in 2018.

Another improvement will enable variable refresh rates for Xbox One S and One X systems hooked up to PC monitors that support AMD Freesync, in case you're the sort to play at your desk instead of the living room. You can also expect the Edge browser to support downloads and uploads (say, a picture you want to use as your Xbox's wallpaper) and Twitter sharing that displays media in-line. And as the company hinted at earlier in March, you can soon share your game controller with viewers when you're livestreaming on Mixer. These updates should be ready later in the spring.