Bite-sized, black-and-white game 'Minit' lands April 3rd

Live the adventure one minute at a time.

A crew of indie veterans, including half of notable studio Vlambeer, will release Minit on April 3rd for Steam (PC), PS4 and Xbox One. In the monochromatic Lo-Fi title, players rushing out their front door to do as much adventuring as possible before the day ends in a real-life minute due to an evil curse that must be undone.

"Every pixel matters. It's a big adventure, compressed into a tiny amount of time,"one of Minit's developers Kitty Calis, previously a producer on Horizon: Zero Dawn, said in a press release. "No matter the direction you head in, countless challenges, shady secrets, and needy characters await."

The team includes Jan Willem Nijman, half of the Dutch indie studio Vlambeer, which has released such celebrated titles as Ridiculous Fishing, Nuclear Throne and LUFTRAUSERS. Musician Jukio Kallio, who provided the soundtracks for the latter two games, will do the same for Minit. Graphic designer Dominik Johann lends his talents to the title; He'd previously worked on other indie games like Hotline Miami 2.