LinkedIn users can now request job referrals from their connections

You can filter job openings to find those where you know an employee.

LinkedIn debuted a new feature today that could help job-seekers get a leg up in their search. TechCrunch reports that when users are connected to someone who works at a company with a job opening listed on LinkedIn, they can now ask that person for a referral. And the site is making it easy to find those jobs where you might have an in. Now on the desktop site, you can filter your job search by those that are "in your network" and at the top of those job listings, you'll see an "Ask for a referral" button. Click it and LinkedIn will bring up all of the people you're connected to that work at that company. You can then select which one you'd like to request a referral from and send them a message. LinkedIn even provides text that you can build off of and personalize.

This is the latest addition to LinkedIn's collection of job search tools. Last month, Microsoft released its LinkedIn resume helper for Word and in November, LinkedIn launched a Career Advice feature in some markets that lets users find a mentor.

The Ask for a Referral feature is available now.

Image: LinkedIn via TechCrunch