Giant scissors are your controller in this quirky first-person action game

'Scissors the that than' should come with a warning, because I almost hit a few people while I was playing it.

There's this small world inside GDC 2018 called Alt.Ctrl.GDC, where you'll find a booth full of quirky games that incorporate physical objects into their story. With Scissors the that than (the latter part pronounced "da da dan," according to its Japanese developer), you use giant scissors as your controller and as the main weapon inside the actual game. Before we get into the premise of Scissors the that than, you should first know that the physical pair that acts as a controller only has a joystick on the left handle (which you use to move) and a red button on the right one that starts the game.

Once you get going, your whole goal in the narrative is to kill these four-legged creatures that look like they're made out of rope with, well, your scissors. You're inside what looks like a haunted house, with bright, purple portals on each floor that your enemies crawl out of. As you get rid of them, you can walk up the stairs and start a different level. The best part about Scissors the that than is that the big ol' snips you have in your hands aren't just a prop -- you actually have to make a cutting motion to kill the monsters who are trying to attack you.

It took me a few minutes to figure out the mechanics, but once that happened those weird creatures never stood a chance. I do think the game should come with a warning though because it's borderline dangerous, and if you're not careful, you could smash someone in your vicinity pretty hard with the scissors. Especially as you're being attacked in the game and you're trying to make cutting motions in a speedy manner. That's when you know a first-person action game has become too real.

Right now, Scissors the that than is just a DIY project by the developer, so don't expect to be able to walk into a Gamestop anytime soon and buy it. Although the thought of seeing those giant scissors on a retail shelf seems pretty great.

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