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Snapchat’s Map Explore makes it easier to find your friends

It displays user updates at the bottom of the Map.
Mallory Locklear
Mallory Locklear|@mallorylocklear|March 22, 2018 1:15 PM

Snapchat is rolling out a new feature that will make it easier to find events and see friends' updates on Snap Map, The Verge reports. Rather than looking through the map to see where your friends are or to find an interesting Our Story snap collection, Map Explore will provide updates for you to view and swipe through. Once you open Snapchat, pinch the screen to bring up Snap Map. Then just tap "New Updates" at the bottom of the map and you'll see updates from your friends who have chosen to share their location as well as Snapchat's updates to its Our Story collections. You can swipe left to see additional updates, and to see your own status, just head to the Settings icon where you can delete it or turn it off.

Snap Map launched last year as a feature meant to help users see what's going on around them and find out what their friends are up to. Earlier this year, Snapchat brought Map to the web along with the ability to embed it into other websites.

Snap Map statuses update when users open the app, though only if they've chosen to share their locations. Ghost Mode is always on option for those who don't want to advertise where they are. Map Explore is rolling out over the next few weeks.

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Snapchat’s Map Explore makes it easier to find your friends