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Mini created an electric version of one of its classics

The one-off vehicle is ready for another reboot of ‘The Italian Job.’

Mini really wants everyone to know that it's embracing the EV future. At an event ahead of the New York Auto Show, the automaker unveiled the Classic Mini Electric that's exactly what the name implies: an older Mini that's been electrified.

The car is ready for a reboot of The Italian Job. Except this time, all the Minis are silent and need to be plugged in before pulling off a heist. The company retrofitted one of its older vehicles with a battery pack, electric motor and charging port. The iconic Mini badge on the front of the vehicle has been replaced with the electric logo that's found on the company's electric concept vehicle.

Sadly the Classic Mini Electric is a one-off vehicle so don't expect it to show up in showrooms anytime soon. The Mini electric concept, on the other hand, should make its way to showrooms in a production vehicle in 2019.

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