'Doom' is the latest game to get a 4K patch on consoles

Ultra-high definition Hell awaits.

The next time you venture a little south of Heaven in Doom it'll have an awful lot more Hellish detail. Developer id Software is pushing out an update tomorrow that'll bump the game's resolution pretty dramatically on PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X hardware, up to 4K. Doom uses a dynamic resolution scaler (which explains how it can run on the Nintendo Switch), but at the moment the resolution is capped at 1080p. So, while the game currently looks better on PS4 Pro than base PS4 hardware, it's not playing in 4K. Unfortunately, publisher Bethesda's blog post doesn't mention HDR or what frame-rates the game will run at in UHD.

The timing of the patch is a little curious -- the game came out back in May 2016 -- but folks with the more powerful consoles surely won't mind. For a preview of how it'll look after tomorrow, peep the trailer embedded below.