The new Subaru Forester can tell if you're sleepy or distracted

Thanks to its new facial recognition technology.

Subaru isn't exactly known for developing emerging technologies for its vehicles, so we'll bet you'd never expect the automaker to equip the 2019 Forester with facial-recognition technology. But that's exactly what it did -- Subaru has announced at the New York International Auto Show that it developed a feature for the vehicle that uses facial recognition to detect driver fatigue and distraction. "DriverFocus" comes as a standard feature for the most expensive Touring version of the vehicle, though it's unclear if you can pay extra to have it installed on another model.

The feature runs on top of Subaru's new driver assist system called EyeSight, which (unlike DriverFocus) will come pre-installed on all Forester models. It's not a hands-free driving technology, but it covers basic driver assist offerings, such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and lane assist, as well as pre-collision braking. By being able to detect whether a driver is sleepy or tired, the system can be on the alert and activate EyeSight's functions when needed.

DriverFocus can store info on five drivers and remember their preferences when it comes to seat position, climate and multifunction display. So, it can work even for those looking to buy a 2019 Forester as a family vehicle when it comes out later this year.

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