‘Fortnite’ wants to put your dance in the game

The Boogiedown contest wants to see you groove, baby.

The free-to-play Fortnite: Battle Royale has become a cultural sensation with a wide-ranging playerbase. How do we know? Because professional sports players won't stop mimicking the game's weird dances in real life. Maybe one day they'll be doing one of your dances -- because Epic Games just launched a contest for players to submit video of their smooth moves, with the best one making it into Fortnite.

From today until 11:59pm on April 10th, fans can upload one (and only one) dance or gesture they think would be a great emote in the game. Each will be judged on fun, originality and creativity. Obviously, dances have to be family-appropriate and uploaded to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Only one boogie will be added to the game, but the top one hundred entries get in-game currency and funky cosmetics. The top five get the recently-removed Boogie Bomb.

Tragically, the competition is only open for adults, per the rules here, so minor players will have to satisfy themselves with harassing their classrooms and teachers.