What you might have missed from the New York Auto Show

An event filled with electrified cars and an unexpected truck unveiling.

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Automakers used the New York Auto Show as an opportunity to show the world that they're still all about the electrification of their fleets. From hybrids and long-range EVs to futuristic and America-centric concepts, the Big Apple was home to an impressive amount of automotive news.

Before the show even started Honda unveiled its latest Insight hybrid with an impressive 55 mpg city mileage rating. Inside the convention hall, Hyundai shared range details (250 miles) about its upcoming Kona Electric while its luxury brand Genesis took the wraps off its futuristic Essentia EV. The Korean automaker isn't messing around when it comes to electrification.

Meanwhile, for the driver that loves the outdoors, Subaru's new Forester continues its rugged wagon tradition but has added facial recognition so the car knows when the driver is tired or distracted. Volkswagen is targeting Americans that would rather kayak than sit at the local coffee shop with the Tanoak concept truck. No word on if the automaker will actually build the truck, but judging from the reaction from the press at the auto show, it really should get this pick up on the road soon.

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