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Walmart is adding 500 more 'Pickup Towers' to stores this year

They'll be outfitted with lockers for large purchases like TVs too.

Walmart is expanding the amount of its in-store "Pickup Towers" for online orders. The retailer is adding some 500 more of the across the country by year's end. Walmart says once the rollout is complete, nearly 40 percent of the country will have access to the automated kiosks. The physical size is expanding as well, and you'll be able to pick up the new TV your ordered with a few UHD Blu-rays from connected lockers. Maybe don't expect to snag a 65" OLED though.

The question, though, is if they'll be placed in more convenient locations. Some existing stores have them in the very back, which is good for Walmart -- you're more likely to buy stuff while making a pick up -- but kind of terrible for everyone else.