Urbanears made a smaller, $199 version of its connected speaker

The Lotsen offers both AirPlay and Chromecast for a lower price.

Urbanears' first batch of Connected Speakers were clever, packing AirPlay, Chromecast and Spotify Connect into colorful boxes you wouldn't mind putting on display. There was one main problem, though: at a minimum of $350, you were paying a lot for the privilege. Enter the company's just-unveiled Lotsen: the new speaker is considerably smaller and drops the price to $199, all the while offering the same multi-room audio (and Bluetooth) as the larger Baggen and Stammen. It promises "well-balanced" sound for small- to mid-sized rooms and is meant to sit on corner tables and other areas where its bigger siblings might be intrusive.

Be ready to wait: Lotsen doesn't arrive until sometime in the summer. It does come in six colors ranging from "goldfish orange" to "plant green," though, so you can use that extra time to decide which one will best match with (or better yet, clash with) your decor. As it stands, this makes Urbanears' offerings considerably more competitive. They don't have built-in voice control like a Sonos One, but that might not matter if you're comfortable using your phone as a jukebox.