'Fortnite' update adds instant fort-building grenades

Base building just got a lot easier.

As Fortnite continues to pick up new players across various platforms, Epic Games has consistently deployed new updates to keep the game fresh and free from game-breaking bugs. Earlier this week, we saw the team introduce new space-themed skins, complete with NASA-like space shuttle gliders, but we've had to wait until today to see some of the new in-game items. The most notable inclusion is the Port-A-Fort, a new epic drop that will instantly deploy a three-story fort made from metal.

Epic Games says that insta-forts feature a 1x1 bottom floor with an entry door. Tires are also found inside, allowing for easy access to the roof. Players have already identified that if the item is thrown at someone's feet, that person will immediately be transported to the top of the fortification. Useful if you need to quickly evade a full squad or want the high-ground advantage in a one-on-one.

If you're looking for new ways to show off your skills, the new update also delivers on that front. On PC and console, there is now a powerful replay system that allows you to save each individual match and view it from various perspectives. Controls allow you to speed up or slow down the replay and focus on the action that is most important to you. Unlike other multiplayer games, Fortnite doesn't yet feature instant kill replays -- which let you see exactly how you died -- so this will go some way towards filling that gap.

It also helps that 50 vs 50 matchmaking is back, letting you take part in (and watch back) epic deathmatches.

As expected, Epic Games has made some weapon balance changes, making the guided missile slower and harder to turn. Fast-switching between powerful weapons like shotguns, rocket launchers, hand cannons, sniper and hunting rifles has also been nerfed, meaning you'll find it harder to quickly deal high-value damage during fights. Ammo drops are now more plentiful and rewarding, as is resource farming, which has been given a 75 percent boost.

With all these new features included, the new update is a pretty big one. It clocks in at over 8GB on console. If you're planning to land in Tilted Towers with your squad later, it's definitely worth getting the v3.5 patch ready ahead of time.