Ogling Apple's Product RED iPhone 8 Plus

It red.

Continuing a tradition that began with a special edition iPod Nano in 2006, Apple is gearing up to sell Product RED versions of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in stores tomorrow. To commemorate the occasion, we've taken possession of a new iPhone 8 Plus to ogle and, erm, yeah: it's red. A really nice, deep red. Unlike last year's Product RED phones, Apple did the right thing and paired the deep red glass-and-metal frame with a black front. (That unfortunately means we can no longer crack jokes in Slack about 2017's "Canada edition" iPhones.)

I could go on at length about how the specific hue Apple chose for the glass fluctuates between maroon and an almost nuclear candy apple red depending on the lighting, or how the aluminum frame's crimson finish seems a touch more sophisticated than the bright, boisterous look of last year's Product RED phone. Suffice to say, this is a much different beast than the RED iPhones we got before, and it's a real stunner as a result. Since this phone offers no substantive difference from the iPhone 8s you could already buy — except for the knowledge that you're contributing to the global fight against AIDS — I'll just leave you with some photos. That's really what you clicked on this story for, right?