Mercedes eSprinter's range is meant for deliveries, not road trips

A 93-mile maximum range makes it perfect for commercial applications.

Mercedes' eSprinter van is designed as a purely commercial vehicle. Need more proof? Once it goes on sale, it'll have a pair of battery options, but neither will get you further than 93 miles, according to Electrek. While that sounds nightmarish if you're hoping to take a long jaunt on the highway, delivery vehicles typically spend their time in the city making short trips. Top speed can also be limited to 50 MPH to eke out extra range, otherwise it's capped at 75 MPH. The van's 84 kilowatt electric motor produces 300 Newton meters (221.3 lb.-ft) of torque.

Pricing isn't available, but Mercedes says to expect it to cost more than the $50,000 base price of the gasoline-powered version. The extra cost, according to Mercedes, will be offset by lower operational expenses and tax savings. However, there's no word on whether or not you'll be able to get one via a Mercedes-Benz Collection subscription.