The EverCam promises a year of home security on a single charge

Anker's smart home line of products heads to Kickstarter with a wireless HD security camera.

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Rob LeFebvre
April 18th, 2018
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Eufy is Anker's smart home line of products, which includes robot vacuums, smart scales and even an Echo Dot competitor called Genie. Now Eufy has its own wireless security system called EverCam, and it's taken to Kickstarter to both fund and gauge interest in the item, which boasts a long battery life, easy installation and a 1080p camera.

EverCam can be mounted to any flat surface with a sticky base and attach the camera via a rounded magnet. The battery is supposed to be able to last up to one year if active and up to three years in standby mode. It's also waterproof. The software includes facial recognition technology that's powered by deep neural network algorithms, so you can figure out who stole you Amazon box off of the porch. It also uses a 3-step scanning and filtering process to eliminate excessive false alarms from animals or random moving objects. The camera itself offers a 140˚ wide-angle lens with a large f2.2 aperture to capture as much of the view as possible in high def.

Better yet, the EverCam system won't charge you a monthly fee for storing your footage (though there is a paid option to store it remotely). Instead, it stores video on an microSD card; you'll get a 16GB version with your purchase. Your data is secure, too, and secured with AES 128-bit encryption. You can only access it when you place the SD card into your own registered base station while you're logged into your account. That means no one can just grab your SD card and see your video.

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