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The end of Konami’s Champions League partnership isn’t great for PES

The UCL tournament was a selling point against rival franchise FIFA.

The battle between the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and FIFA franchises has raged on for years over which gave the superior soccer/football experience. But Konami's deal with the UEFA for a virtual Champions League mode in its games gave PES an edge over its rival. So today's announcement that the soccer organization is ending its 10-year partnership with Konami might be dire news for future PES titles.

Access to UEFA's teams has been a big feather in PES' cap, especially to compete with FIFA's bounty of licenses, including the ever-popular English Premier League. While the UEFA's announcement didn't state when its partnership with Konami will end -- in other words, whether its teams will show up in PES 2019 -- the news leaves the door open for who will get Europe's teams next. Combined with FIFA's improved 'The Journey' story mode becoming a standout feature for the franchise, it's unclear how Konami's series will compare should EA pick up the UEFA Champions League, too.