Google’s Grasshopper app teaches you how to code

Learn how to program in Javascript, no experience required.

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David Lumb
April 19, 2018 5:55 PM
Google / Area 120
Google / Area 120

Google's incubator for employees' "20 percent time" side projects, Area 120, typically produces fun things like an app to make YouTube more social and expanding Smart Replies. Now the workshop has released an app to help beginners learn to code in Javascript, which could be helpful for novices who want to build websites.

The app has a few legs up on other coding software. Not only is it free on the Google Play store, but it works in puzzles to make learning fun -- and it has users learn JavaScript, a leading language used in many of the websites folks visit everyday. It's already hit over 100,000 installs in the three days it's been online, and most of the 1600 reviews are positive, so it seems like a great introduction.

Android users can find the app in the Play Store, while iOS users can get it in the Apple Store here -- just be sure not to confuse it with the other identically-named app, which is completely different.

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