More Facebook videos will get pre-roll ads soon

The social network is expanding its tests, and outlined the types of content that won't qualify for monetization.

Billy Steele/Engadget

Facebook plans to try out pre-roll ads -- that is, commercials that play before videos -- in more parts of its service. This comes after it's spent months testing the format in limited places, like the Watch section. In a blog post published today, the social network said it's expanding the trials to "places where people seek out videos, like in search results or on a Page timeline." So don't be surprised if you soon have to wait five seconds for an ad to finish before you can watch that cute puppy video you clicked on.

The company also described the types of material that won't be eligible for monetization (ads), saying that it wants to "(remove) incentives from content that creates less value for people." These include things like static or minimal movement videos or stuff that just loops, as well as clips from "content partners with paid arrangements for Pages to methodically and inorganically share video."

Pages that primarily post "videos of repurposed clips from other sources with limited editorialization" won't face enforcement just yet, but Facebook said it "will more deeply evaluate over the coming weeks and months to assess what level of distribution and monetization matches the value created for people." This means those profiles could receive less money for ads on their videos.

As it pushes ahead with more types of ads on its service, it's heartening that Facebook is at least looking out for potential abuse of the system.