Nintendo knows you will destroy Labo's cardboard

The company is selling replacement sheets to help with the downside of DIY.

It's fair to say that the first reactions to Nintendo's Labo kits were...mixed. Did it usher in a new era of DIY fun, or was the veteran video game company making bank off selling expensive stacks of cardboard? Once we got our hands on it, some of our fears were put to rest -- except for the durability issue. What happens when kids tear through the less-durable material, or a parent accidentally throws pieces away? The Labo launched publicly today, but lucky for us, Nintendo is selling replacement sheets in its store.

The items vary in cost from $3 stickers to a $14 bundle for body parts from the $80 Robot Kit. (Lest you think of pulling a fast one and picking up the cardboard pieces to bypass either kit's full cost, remember that they come with essential software in Switch cartridges, too.) So far, the Labo replacement catalog has multiple sub-parts for the Robot Kit along with bundles for each of the Variety Kit's activities like the fishing rod or piano.