Twitter's timeline will highlight news links your friends tweet

It will also group together tweets mentioning that link.

Twitter released quite a few news-related features over the past years in an effort to become your go-to source for the latest in current events. It introduced a dedicated News tab in 2015, for instance, though that one didn't work out as planned. Last month, it also started testing an algorithm that puts trending tweets from news organizations at the top of your timeline when something big happens. Now, the platform has rolled out a feature that highlights news links tweeted by the people you Follow right in your Home timeline, according to BuzzFeed News. Underneath the highlighted story, you'll see all the tweets from your network that mention that particular link.

I haven't come across the behavior yet, but Twitter has confirmed its rollout to the publication, which said that it's now out for all users across iOS, Android and the web. We've also reached out to Twitter to clarify whether it's truly a public worldwide rollout or merely a limited test.

[Image credit: BuzzFeed News]

Twitter started grouping together tweets about ongoing events back when it launched "Happening Now." It only applied to sports topics in the beginning, but this new feature and the one that pushes trending tweets by news organizations to the top of your feed are probably part of its expansion.