Google Pay makes its way to the web

You can use it both on the web and your iPhone.

Google Pay is no longer confined to smartphones. As promised, Google is rolling out its rebranded shopping experience available on the web for both PC and iOS device users. It'll seem very familiar if you've used Pay With Google (since it's largely the same), but that's not a bad thing -- it'll still speed up the checkout process, particularly if you live in a household with both Android and iOS gear. The feature is independent of browsers as well, so you can shop with Firefox or Safari if you prefer.

As on your phone, this is as much about cementing Google's presence in e-commerce as it is ordering . It's partly an answer to Apple Pay, which has been available on the web since 2016. This puts Google's foot in the door when dealing with newcomers, and gives existing fans a reason to stay inside the ecosystem.