Microsoft taps mixed reality for better collaboration and user support

The company announced new features for Remote Assist and Layout.

Today at Build 2018, Microsoft announced two new mixed-reality apps for Microsoft HoloLens that will provide new opportunities for developers and bring VR, AR and more into the workplace. Microsoft Remote Assist and Microsoft Layout will be available as a free preview (for a limited time) starting May 22nd. You can find technical requirements here.

Microsoft Remote Assist is a HoloLens app that will allow customers to collaborate securely using heads-up, hands-free video calls from their own separate computers. Users will have the ability to share images and mixed reality annotations, as well as live stream and video capture. Customers can also share what they're seeing with experts on their Microsoft Teams contact list -- this allows them to continue to work problems on their end while demonstrating what they're dealing with to an expert.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Layout allows users to design spaces in mixed reality, using real-world scale. They can import 3D models in order to create room layouts. Users can experience these designs in VR or as high-quality holograms and collaborate in order to edit these designs and see the results in real time. It allows for customers to see ideas in the proper context.

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