Android P taps AI to help save your battery life

The so-called "Adaptive Battery" will shut down apps it doesn't think you'll open soon.

Today at the Google I/O keynote, the search giant took the opportunity to showcase all the new ways artificial intelligence will revolutionize its phone OS with the upcoming Android P. One of the least sexy AI applications might benefit the most users. Adaptive Battery, as it's called, takes note of user behavior to cunningly switch off apps when it predicts you'll need them least -- and will result in a 30 percent reduction in CPU app wake-ups, which should save you some juice.

In other words, if it knows you click through Instagram only during your morning and afternoon coffee breaks, it'll close it in the interim -- and save you some battery life. Similarly, Android P has a feature called Adaptive Brightness that dims the screen when it predicts you won't need it lit up so much.

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