Gmail for iOS now sends money and snoozes emails

Pay someone back without leaving your email app.

Gmail on your iPhone can now help you settle a tab with a friend. A quiet update to the iOS app has introduced the ability to send and receive money using Google Pay. As on Android devices, Gmail sends the payment as an attachment -- the recipient only needs an email address to receive their money. The feature might not be as simple on iOS given that you need to download an app to use it, but it's easier than some third-party apps and more widely available than Apple Pay Cash.

The upgraded client adds another handy existing feature: the ability to snooze emails. If there's a message you'd rather deal with in the future, you just have to hit a snooze button to take a break. It remains dangerous (it's all too tempting to punt important messages until it's too late), but it could be crucial if you're nowhere near inbox zero and have more pressing emails vying for your attention.