Google Home finally works with its own Play Movies service


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Chris Velazco/AOL
Chris Velazco/AOL

Google Assistant can now finally beam Play Movies to a Chromecast when you issue voice commands through the tech giant's Home speaker. It's weird how that hasn't been available until now when Home has been able to recognize spoken commands to stream Netflix shows from the start. Thankfully, the tech giant has fixed the oversight and quietly announced the integration at its annual I/O conference. And from the sound of things, the feature has already started rolling out to users.

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[Image credit: Android Police / Trent Archer]

Trent Archer told Android Police that he's already able to play movies through Google Home -- as you can see in his video above, he tells Assistant through the speaker to play Bourne Ultimatum. Assistant then proceeded to stream the film from his Play Movies collection. If you haven't gotten the feature yet, you'll probably be getting it soon: Google is likely rolling it out slowly over the next few days.

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