I wish I could live inside this massive Google Home Max

It provides the closest thing to solitude you'll find at I/O.

We're in the final stretch here at Google I/O 2018, and I don't know about everyone else here, but I could really use some proper alone time. Too bad that's impossible to find here. Strangely enough, the closest I've been able to find is the inside of a massive Google Home Max with three other people.

To be clear, the Max doesn't play any music itself — if it did, it would probably sonically disintegrate any poor sucker who wandered inside. Instead, Google kitted out the inside with a painfully normal Google Home Max and an elaborate lighting setup that responds differently to songs you ask Google to play. Kendrick Lamar's "All The Stars" caused a riot of colors to ripple across the interior walls, while Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" yielded a surprisingly low-key light show. The last choice (which I had nothing to do with) gave our crew the best show of all, set to the tune of "Despacito." At last, a way to derive enjoyment from Luis Fonsi's 2017 summer jam.

This is obviously a ploy to get people in front of a very, very loud smart speaker, and we're hearing that Google may take this thing on a road trip of sorts around the US to get people pumped at special events. Coachella, maybe? The Home Max made an appearance backstage there this year and Google I/O is basically the Coachella of developer conferences anyway. Maybe. I'm losing it here -- all I really know is that I'd like to move into this place, fall asleep and wake up in time for the next big things.

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