Boston Dynamics’ dog-like SpotMini robot will go on sale next year

There’s no word on a price just yet.

You've seen videos of it opening doors for other robots, resisting human interference and navigating an office all on its own and soon you might be able to see it in real life. At a conference today, CNET reports, Boston Dynamics President Marc Raibert said that the SpotMini robot will go on sale next year. As of now, the company has 10 prototypes of the quadruped and is aiming to build 100 more this year. Raibert said that Boston Dynamics will be working with manufacturers to ramp up its production rate ahead of sales in 2019.

Raibert didn't talk about a price point for the SpotMini and it's not exactly geared toward the average consumer. Instead, he discussed how it could be used for security patrols or construction site management. In a video released yesterday, Boston Dynamics showed how SpotMini uses its cameras to map out a space and then situate itself in that map as it autonomously navigates through the area.

Yesterday, Boston Dynamics also showed off more of its Atlas robot's skills, demonstrating how the backflipping biped can jog through open terrain.