Huawei puts giant ravens around the UK because that's not creepy at all

They're being used to promote the P20 Pro.

If an eight-foot tall raven suddenly appeared nearby, you'd probably be left wondering just how many minutes you have left until the end times arrive. But Huawei is hoping UK residents have a slightly more positive reaction. To promote its P20 Pro smartphone, the company has manufactured a number of giant ravens that it will place in cities throughout the UK this weekend and Huawei says it's doing this because its research shows Brits want to get closer to wildlife.

Through a couple of surveys (around 2,000 respondents each), Huawei concluded that 79 percent of Brits want to get closer to wildlife and about 20 percent would like to take pictures of that wildlife if they could get close enough. Further, the company's research determined that just two percent of respondents say they're likely to see a raven in their local area. So as a way to advertise the P20 Pro and its three Leica camera lenses, Huawei is taking some giant raven statues -- they're over eight feet tall and over four feet wide -- on tour around the UK. Huawei says the birds are big so that they're easier to take a picture of and touring them around the country will give people a chance to see the mysterious raven. I'm not sure enormous raven statues are what people had in mind when they said they wanted to see wildlife, but sure.

There's more to the promotion than just looking at creepy, ominous, fake birds though. Those that snap a pic of one of the statues can take their photo to a participating Vodafone store and be entered for a chance to win a safari vacation for two. Four runners up will win one-night stays for two at the Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire.

One raven is, naturally, stationed near the Tower of London and legend has it that if the six ravens that live in the Tower all leave, the kingdom will fall. Because of that, Huawei says it has only made five raven statues, keeping the Crown safe ahead of the royal wedding next weekend. I'm sure the soon-to-be newlyweds will be very appreciative. The ravens will travel to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, York, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Cardiff.

Now, maybe this really is all about wildlife, phones and cameras. But allow us to pose a theory...

EDITORIAL USE ONLYA supersized (2.5 meter tall) replica of Britain’s most elusive bird, the raven, has been created by smartphone manufacturer Huawei, as they reveal new research about our love of British wildlife, Potters Field Park, London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Thursday May 10, 2018. The raven was found to be the rarest form of British wildlife, and least likely to be seen by members of the public according to the research. The new Huawei P20 Pro features a 5 x hybrid zoom which makes capturing stunning images of wildlife much easier. Other giant ravens will be appearing around the UK in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, York, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Cardiff this weekend. Photo credit should read: John Nguyen/PA Wire.

I think we're done here.

Images: Engadget/Chris Velazco, HBO, Huawei and FX