Guess the killer in Snapchat’s murder mystery show

'Solve' dramatizes a real-life crime in each of its four-minute episodes.

Tomorrow, Snapchat will debut its latest show, the scripted murder mystery series Solve, that invites the audience to guess the killer. Each four-minute episode dramatizes a real crime and asks viewers who the culprit was before revealing the truth -- and how everyone else voted.

New episodes will appear on Snapchat's Discover page at 7AM ET every Wednesday and Saturday (though you'll have to wade through the now-unskippable ads while watching). Later in the year, celebrity guests will pop in to write, direct and make cameos, the CEO of Solve's production company Vertical Networks told Variety. The show is expected to air 10 episodes a month and reportedly hired 15 writers to ensure the short-form series stays on-schedule.

Snapchat has been talking about its plans with shows for awhile, but its James Cordon series that debuted in March seemed like pretty standard fare. Solve is a stab at interactive entertainment, which Snap has evidently been working toward for awhile: The company owns about 40 percent of Vertical Networks, which was founded in 2016 by Elisabeth Murdoch (daughter of media overlord Rupert Murdoch). The company previously produced the Snapchat show Phone Swap, which was successful enough to make the jump to television.