Target's AR 'studio' helps you try on makeup at home

Get a feel for cosmetics without leaving a mess.

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You don't need to spring for a Galaxy S9 just to try makeup from the comfort of your living room. Target has unveiled a Beauty Studio feature that uses augmented reality to try a selection of cosmetics (including lipstick, blush and eyelashes) on Target's desktop and mobile websites as well as kiosks in 10 retail stores. Tech from YouCam maps the products to your face either in real-time or through a photo, saving you the trouble of visiting the shop and creating a mess.

You can try the feature right now, with more in-store access coming later in 2018. And if you still need advice, Target is introducing online Beauty Concierges that can offer text-based tips from the store. Neither addition is going to completely replace a veteran consultant or help from a good friend, but they could help you avoid time-consuming (and sometimes expensive) try-ons just to nail your look.

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